About us

The Significance of Training:

  • Learning to Set Goals
  • Learning how to Motivate Others and Self
  • Building Morale
  • Building Confidence
  • Learning to Facilitate Change
  • Developing Team Work Ethics
  • Learning to Represent the Group

Tutors Needed for grade Levels

6th - 8th
9th - 12th
College level undergraduate

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•  We are in need of volunteers
for the holidays to make baskets
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Community Service Hours,
We can assist you.

Brightcomm SMV is a not for profit 501 c (3) organization that has been serving communities for over 10 years. Brightcomm SMV is dedicated to combating the issue of extreme poverty, which is the precursor to below average academic performance, delinquency, crime, substance abuse and the other high-risk behaviors, real problems for many of our youth and their families.

     Brightcomm SMV, will be partnering with other organizations who have common goals and objectives, which will continue to expand locally, nationally, globally to make a long lasting positive impact on the condition of humanity, through the implementation of comprehensive programs and projects.

     Every home should have a solid foundation - the foundation should be made up of a strong belief system of morals & values. Brightcomm SMV primary focus is Economic Empowerment and building relationships in families, friends & professionals that will help others to overcome economic barriers, demorilization and providing methods to establish stabilization and restore balance to all individuals in society.