The Significance of Training:

  • Learning to Set Goals
  • Learning how to Motivate Others and Self
  • Building Morale
  • Building Confidence
  • Learning to Facilitate Change
  • Developing Team Work Ethics
  • Learning to Represent the Group

Tutors Needed for grade Levels

6th - 8th
9th - 12th
College level undergraduate

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1). WTCEEP - Women, Teens and Children Economic Empowerment Program - 12 month program to assist women, teens and children that seem to be getting left behind and are falling behind, due to economic needs (housing, food , clothing, jobs, careers) WTCEEP will help women overcome life issues - single mom, lack of education, professional clothing, personals and transportation. Teens will recieve assistance in clothing, educational enhancement, school supplies and internship programs. Children will be helped with self-confidence, taught leadership skills, provided with tutoring, school supplies and clothing. This program was created to help participants learn how to acquire life skills, financial competency and establish stability. The program can be worked through all community based programs after school youth groups and school based clubs.

2). It's not Over - Helping Disabled Veterans who are homeless with food, clothing and finding housing and employment. Also teaching Veterans how to deal w/ transitioning from military into civilians.

3).Creating Higher Heights - Multiply Program aims to establish a union between the particular students at risk, the school / institution and the home environment. The program provides an opportunity for students to complete their suspension period within a supervised environment where they can engage w/ the preforming arts while receiving encouragement to continue with academic study, individual guidance and emotional support.

4). Developmental Disabilities - Working with families who have loved ones w/ disabilities to get proper housing (assisted living) , equiptment and funding for everyday living.

5). Growing Pains ( Men Only) - Helping men to develop practices on dealing w/ careers and supporting family. Methods on how to deal w/ marriage, separation, divorce and children. Program is great for men dealing with issues ( Demorilization to Stabilization) that want to talk, healthy ways to overcome them.

6). Healthier Better You - (Nutritional Health & Well Being) Find out new methods to keeping Healthy and losing weight. According to World Health Organization (WHO) in 2011, more than 40 million children under the age of five were overweight. Obesity rates among children in the United States have tripled for adolescents since 1980 (Stanford University Hospital Clinic).These alarming statistics show irrevocable proof of the spread of obesity and the pandemic of this disease. Another startling fact is the prediction that parents will soon begin to outlive their children because there is an epidemic of obesity afflicting the younger generation. Many youngsters are now so grossly overweight they are facing premature death caused by high blood pressure, heart attacks or stroke.

Cobb & Fulton County Seeking House donations for homeless veterans and teenagers. Homes will be used to help people transitioning. 6 Month Program Van Donations Needed to transport adults to doctors appointments, grocery store & school.